First steps with WordSeek

WordSeek is an SEO tool that helps you to rank your content better thanks to SEO. Follow these steps to get your first insight on how to better rank on Google

Sometimes a video worth 1000 words, here is a short introduction to WordSeek :

Create your account

Connect to the WordSeek application:

From there we only need your First Name, Last Name, and email address to Create your account. Don't forget to accept our Terms of Services and Privacy policies.

Set up your account

Sign in or log in

You will be prompted to create a new workspace when you log in to your new account. You can name this after your Own Name, Company Name... your choice!

The purpose of a workspace is to keep all of your analysis on WordSeek in a neat structure if you are running WordSeek on multiple websites.

Connect to your Google Search Console data

After you first log in to your new account, a popup will prompt you to log in to your Google Search Console.

We are a verified Google application, but in order to connect WordSeek to your GSC, you need to have the correct permission. You should have Owner or Full permission on the desired Google Search Console account, so please log in with the correct email when the popup window appears.

Incorrect Email: If you connect via the wrong email, you can always reconnect by navigating to the settings and clicking "reconnect Search Console". You will be able to select a new email to connect.

Launch your first WorkSeek job

All set! You can now select the page, and Trigger WordSeek!

Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Choose the domain and the page (or entire website for premium plans)

  2. After a few seconds, go to your workspace and check if the job status is "Completed". You can refresh the page if not. ( approximate duration for 500 pages = 2 minutes)

  3. When job is completed, click on View to visualize missing keywords

Get your results

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